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$50 per 180 min tape

Convert your old VHS tapes to DVD with a generic menu system and label for $50. If you require professional editing with a personalised menu system for your entire home movie collection with printed discs and covers, please refer to our prices for Editing and Printed Discs & Covers.


$50 per hour (minimum 4 hour call)

Filming is conducted by an experienced camera operator on a high definition camera. For each additional fixed camera, add $25 per hour. For each additional operated camera, add $50 per hour.


$200 first four hours, then $25 per hour

An experienced editor will transform your raw footage into a masterpiece. Graphic design for disc and cover printing is included in this pricing.

Printed Discs & Covers

$100 for graphic design with 3 CDs / DVDs or 1 Blu-ray disc

Designed to your specifications and approved before printing. If you are already paying an hourly rate for editing, the graphic design is included in that pricing. Printed CDs / DVDs are $10 each, Blu-rays are $25 each and covers are $15 each. Predominantly white designs are $80 for graphic design and discs, then $2 less per print.

Digital Transfers

$25 per hour (standard jobs)

We can transfer old 8mm film stock, VHS tapes, BETA tapes, DVDs and Bluray discs to most modern formats including lightweight web friendly formats, mobile phone formats, DVD and BD formats. Standard jobs are presented as video files on a DVD-ROM.



A compilation of photographs, revealed in tempo to your favourite song. A montage runs for 3 - 4 minutes and contains around 25 photographs. Presented on DVD.




A documentary about your life, which includes an armchair interview interspersed with your best photos, titles, chapters, music and a montage. Autobiographies are edited to run for 30 - 45 minutes. Presented on DVD.

Virtual Proximity (TM) Autobiography


Rather than interviewing in a close up of your head and shoulders, we film your entire body in front of a background that can be erased and filmed to real-life scale so that when your film is projected, it will be a cut out of you that is the same size as your actual body. There will be no rectangular border around you. Presented on Blu-ray.

Sentimental Films is the only company on Earth we know of to provide this ground breaking service.

www.VirtualProximity.net coming soon...



Tribute Night

from $495 (Projection, microphone, lighting and sound for 3 hours)

We can organise a formal night of speeches and champagne to accompany the presentation of your film at the location of your choice.  Invite your family and friends for a truly memorable evening. Prices vary depending on catering, filming, extra time, seating, decorations and location hire.


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