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Give your family an immortal record of who you are. Your autobiography can be passed on to your great grandchildren, and hopefully their great grandchildren. For so long, we have looked at old black and white photographs and wondered who the person in the photo really was, how they spoke, what life was like in their day, and what they were thinking. Your descendants needn't wonder when they watch a full colour, high definition interview of you.

1. Call us

Call us on 0448 553 440 and we'll mail you the interview questionnaire and help prepare you for the interview.

2. Tell your life story

When you're ready, an interviewer will come to your home, scan your best 75 photos and ask you a few 'Tell me about...' questions relating to your life.

3. Receive your Film

We will edit your Sentimental Film and present it to you within three weeks.

Your autobiography will run for around half an hour (even though it will take 40 hours to produce). Normally the interview is filmed as a close up of your head and shoulders. However, Sentimental Films is now introducing revolutionary Virtual Proximity (TM) filming, which means that your entire body will be filmed in your armchair in front of a blacked out background at precise specifications that allow your footage to be projected to scale without a square border.

That's right - to scale. You will pretty much appear as a cut-out hologram, either projected onto a white surface, a diagonal sheet of stretched perspex or a fine mist. See the Pricing page if you're interested in upgrading to this groundbreaking, world-first service.



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